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3 Minute Financial Plan (3MP) 

Product Design
Product UX
Product Management
Full Implementation



  • build a survey product that can be taken by anyone that takes 3 minutes to complete that gives someone a useful, simple and personalized financial plan at the end
  • use design to make the experience simple to answer, fun and stress-free
  • test using this product as a possible new onboarding experience for the main HelloWallet app to see if it increases Engagement* and Retention*.

One of the most successful products I created at HelloWallet was what we called the "3 Minute Financial Plan" (3FP for short). I worked on this project by myself and was ultimately transformed into a product that could be customized for any employer's population. Weeks of analytics gathering and user testing showed a substantial completion rate of 89%. We also found that using this experience as onboarding to the main HelloWallet appilcation increased retention by a factor of 3x. The product is still in use today.