Evan Samek's Portfolio


Fugue, Inc., 2016-2018

An IDE for writing Ludwig. and visualizing the infrastructure that has been declared in a Ludwig Composition. 
* this product is under NDA, so please excuse the lack of artifacts, annotations, & specifics. Send me an email for more info.


Composer Demo

Taken from a webinar video that shows the product fully built and working. The code being shown in Composer is Ludwig, and the visualization on the right shows what will be provisioned in this users AWS account.


Atomic Design of Composer's Visualization Feature


Interaction Design of Composer's Visualization

We wanted the visualization to interactive. Users had the ability to pan and zoom to navigate the visualization. They could also click (and sometimes hover) on an element to trigger an "Inspector Panel" to appear that gives more information on what was clicked on. This required that we define the visual states and behavior of various visual elements.