Evan Samek's Portfolio


Product & UX Leadership Artifacts

Being a leader in User Experience and Product Direction means being able to communicate abstract ideas with clarity. I frequently needed to create powerful arguments for improving complex product features. Or improving the Product Development Process, or educating teams on Agile Product Development.


Design Sprint & Design Principles - HelloWallet

I was put in charge when HelloWallet leadership needed to redefine our product offering as several smaller packages. I proposed leading a week long "Design Sprint" that involved each team at HelloWallet. The goal was to quickly come up with a solution that leveraged each team's perspectives.

Here was the resulting deck that was presented to our stakeholders. It was met with open arms and considered extremely successful.

UX Team Rulebook & UX Framework - HelloWallet

After hiring a team of Junior UX Designers, I wanted to create a rulebook that could be used to explain to new UX Designers how to exceed at HelloWallet. It contains lessons learned, best practices, atomic design basics, and our general process at the time which would lead into a more focused discussion.

Bringing UX to Fugue - Fugue

When I joined Fugue in 2015, I was quickly learned that the entire company was very new to UX. They didn't have a working idea on what UX was and how Fugue could leverage UX practices in their product development process. Here is the deck I prepared and presented to the entire company: