Evan Samek's Portfolio

Financial Guidance "3.0"

HelloWallet, 2013-2015


Product Management
UX Direction & Wireframes
UI Design Direction
Initial Rapid Prototyping
JS / HTML / CSS App Dev.
User Testing

Design a new application for HelloWallet that:

  • is focused around life goals, not just financial goals (like getting married, having a child, etc)
  • helps a individual ensure they are always covered for emergency expenses
  • is modular in design & implementation, for long-term iteration
  • Product KPI's: Increased Monthly Active Users, Increase in Monthly Savings Rate, Increase in Emergency Savings Balance.

The new version of Guidance went through a year long beta testing period, where iterative changes were made to the UI, but the overall designed themes and UX remained. Feedback was positive enough that HelloWallet made the tool generally available to all users in June 2016

Initial Prototyping & Wireframes

Quick prototyping using AngularJS, D3, and Bootstrap to test major concepts. Very early wireframes below.

Base UI Layout

Spending Goals in the left rail. Chart shows how savings increases over time with green dots representing the occurance of a spending goal.



Proposed Modular "Card" Design

In this product, users could articular their spending goals and plot them based on when they would occur. This meant that user's could have an unlimited amount of goals that all occur in one month. This hi-fi wireframe shows a proposed UX/UI that would allow for scale.

Just before leaving HelloWallet, we decided to hold off on the "card" paradigm...and ended up using the area below the main visualization as a starting point.


Savings Goal UX

The chart helps users add spending goals and visualize large upcoming purchases. In the column on the right, HelloWallet gauges how prepared the user is for unexpected expenses based on their personalized emergency savings estimate. If a spending goal puts the user’s emergency savings funds at risk, HelloWallet offers suggestions to delay spending, reduce their goal amount, or increase savings contributions to reach their goal on time.


Debt Paydown Goal UX

The tools also let users set goals for debt, guiding them to pay down loans with the highest interest rate first. To help motivate, HelloWallet educates the user on how much interest they will pay in the upcoming years and adjusts the number based on their payoff date.

Summer 2016 Launch

Prompted by requests from users, the Washington, D.C.-based company launched Savings & Debt Guidance to help users achieve their emergency savings, spending, and debt goals.


Miscellaneous Artifacts