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HelloWallet’s Products

As Lead UI Engineer & Designer, Director of UX, and occasional Product Manager over 5+ years at HelloWallet, I created multiple web and mobile products to help democratize financial independence.

Mockup of HelloWallet’s Dashboard circa 2012

Mockup of HelloWallet’s Dashboard circa 2012


Feature Focus: Budgeting

An all-in-one view of planning exactly how your going to spend your income.

my.hellowallet.com_(iPad Pro) (9).png

Clear tracking view to see how your doing with intuitive controls right where you need them.

my.hellowallet.com_(iPad Pro) (7).png
Budget Mockup.png


iOS7 Redesign of HelloWallet Mobile App

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Early Wireframes of Retirement Guidance

Different from the Retirement Explorer application, these wireframes represent Retirement Guidance within HelloWallet’s main consumer web-app.


More UI Designs / Hi-Fi Wireframes


Personas for HelloWallet